Madera Canyon | Arizona 2.0

DATE: 3/27/15 – 3/29/15 | CAMPGROUND: BOG SPRINGS | ELEVATION: 5040 FT. | DAY TEMP: 85°F | NIGHT TEMP: 48°F | MAP

After a successful maiden voyage, we decided to get out of the Tucson heat once more – with the weather still too cool to take advantage of higher elevation spots, we returned to Bog Springs for another trip.

3/27 Friday

We arrived to look for a camping spot – much to our dismay it appeared that all spots were occupied due to a large group of students arriving to enjoy the area. As we were about to head out after circling the loop twice, by chance we ran into the campground host (Dave), who informed us that campsite (lucky) number 7 would be opening up shortly – the best spot in the campground. After setting up, we settled in and enjoyed the rest of the day from our campsite. We took a short evening hike from the campground to trail #158, and then back via the four springs trail. While we were worried that the group of school kids would make a lot of noise, overall they kept quiet and were a very organized bunch.

© 2015 Adventures of The Dutch Oven

© 2015 Adventures of The Dutch Oven

3/28 Saturday

Saturday was our full day at camp. We had some sandwiches for breakfast, after which our friends ‘J & J’ and their little one ‘R’ swung by to check out the area. We hiked up “Dutch John Trail,” breaking in our new-to-us backpack carrier for O. The hike was tougher than we all anticipated, but well worth it, passing by two natural springs – Dutch John spring before ending at an unnamed spring between some large granite rock outcrops. We enjoyed some snacks at the top, including an all organic cliff-Pepsi – note to self: don’t forget your water bottle next time. After our return, we enjoyed lunch while R and O napped after passing out in their packs.

© 2015 Adventures of The Dutch Oven

© 2015 Adventures of The Dutch Oven

We gave O a campsite bath in a Tupperware bin, which ended up being reminiscent of the Caddyshack pool scene. Shortly after, my parents (Arnold & Yoli) swung by to see the camper in action – we took turns playing “pass the Chib,” and enjoyed the cool evening, oak trees, and sunset on the Santa Ritas.

3/29 Sunday

Sunday came upon us way too quickly it seemed – we broke down camp as usual. I took O for a short hike while B broke down and stowed the interior of the camper. Naturally O passed out instantly. Having a little one off-center on your back does a number on your posture, and has the added affect of making you look like the hunchback of Notre Dame as you’re trying to keep his head somewhat centered on your back – oh well, it worked. After I returned I broke down the rest of the campsite and stowed the camper, and it was time to head home.


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